Impact Hub Dhaka hosts its first event of the Movers Programme 
7 September 2020 - dhaka

The locally rooted global network for social entrepreneurs and change-makers, Impact Hub Dhaka, in partnership with Movers Programme, hosted its first ever event: Movers Workshop on Sustainable Development Goals and Social Entrepreneurship. Amidst pandemic, the webinar brought numerous opportunities for the impact-driven youths to expand their knowledge on SDGs in relation to social entrepreneurship. 

The virtual workshop, held on 10th and 11th July, is a remarkable initiative started by Movers programme where participants from diverse geography and background joined together to grow, network and inspire each other on building entrepreneurship with an impact. 

The first session was centered on discussion regarding SDGs where participants shared their interest in SDGs and addressed the challenges from their community. The workshop was facilitated by Afruza Tanzi who highlighted the significance of peace and partnership in achieving SDGs, saying “We have to partner up with every sector possible and there should be peace in those partnerships so that everyone can work together for bringing positive social change”. She also added, “For achieving SDGs, we have to make small changes to contribute to SDGs. Because the impact of these small changes are big.” 

Movers Workshop hosted by Impact Hub Dhaka

The second session was focused on delivering key knowledge, tools and preparatory skills on social entrepreneurship to enlighten and encourage the participants towards entrepreneurship to contribute themselves as an entrepreneur in changing their community. The facilitator provides insight to help realize the advantages and challenges of being an entrepreneur and to make them understand the context of reality. Here, the facilitator stated, “When you want to be an entrepreneur, there are going to be challenges, but we have to move on and make some compromises to be successful.” 

The session ended with a showcase of an insightful video on SDGs which inspired the participants to be more active in terms of taking a step towards achieving SDGs. 

The workshop is a part of the Movers programme; an initiative by Youth Co:Lab in partnership with UNDP and Citi Foundation and aims to move forward and collaborate with a regional network of partners to provide Movers with the knowledge, tools and guidance to amplify their impact and to extend the Movers movement. 


Impact Hub Dhaka

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